Although comfort comes as standard in any Canteen Space, we also offer a range of upgrades designed to optimize the onsite welfare experience. THE RIGHT CHOICE 

We know how important it is to your company’s ethics and ESG/CSR scoring to choose site welfare products with the lowest environmental impact. But we also know how time-consuming and confusing it can be to evaluate the plethora of ‘green’ options available, to assess the many claims of new green technologies or to analyse supply chains to work out the true environmental impact of a technology, product or business. 
We decided to simplify the process by introducing our patented Deep Green 2030 range, making it easier to make the right choice. We want to enable you to successfully run your businesses confident in the knowledge that you are doing all you can to secure a healthy environment now and for future generations. 


When you buy one of our products, you can be reassured that the ‘Deep Green’ Rhino logo represents the highest standard of environmental performance backed by scientific evidence to support this. It’s a range designed for customers who want viable solutions to real-world problems. 


Since they first appeared on construction sites, over 30 years ago, mobile welfare hasn’t changed a great deal. With basic canteen provision for 6 people and little or no storage for personal belongings. 
Boss Cabins have worked hard to change all that. We now offer a wide selection of different Canteen Space units with facilities for up to 20 people with layouts designed specifically to allow free movement within the cabin and intelligent optimal use of space, including dedicated storage solutions for tools and personal belongings to prevent trip hazards. 
Towable by any commercial vehicle and easily deployed and ready for use in under three minutes, we have cabins ranging from 12ft to 24ft. Now with the option of twin Female/Male toilets for the modern workplace. 
Although comfort comes as standard in any Canteen Space, we also offer a range of upgrades designed to optimize the onsite welfare experience. 



The ‘Deep Green’ vision is to create a range of products that sets the standard for environmental performance, helping the market move towards a sustainable and prosperous low carbon future, while maintaining the highest levels of reliability, safety and service. 

ECO – HVO Biofuel Generator 

ECO Smart – Solar Panels 

Deep Green Range 

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